Jeans&Sports “CRT” is here to color the fading culture we are in.

What is it that makes your casual everyday life more colorful ?
It may perhaps be times you enjoy playing sports, or leisure activities at the ocean, mountains, or rivers.
Times you relax in a park or riverbed, or an urban night in the city.
Our strong belief is that the true value in life lies in analog moments like these.
CRT, meaning cathode-ray tube represents the mentaity we carry. To connect traditions behind us with new era that is coming by creating jeans & wear.


“ブラウン管(cathode-ray tube)”を意味する私たちCRTは、素晴らしい時代を支えてきた幾つものジーンズ&ウエアを次々に発掘し再構築。今の時代の人々が忘れてしまったかつての感動を、モノづくりを通して再び与えていきます。